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Step into the Museum and be immersed in the sights, smells and sounds of a fully furnished 1890’s era Indiana Drugstore. Faithfully re-created from an outstanding collection of authentic pharmacy antiques, including some of the most beautiful pre-Civil War cabinets anywhere in the US.

Drugstores of the late 19th Century were places of community, commerce, and hoped for healing. Dramatic progress in medicinal science over the last 150 years was paralleled by the rise of patent medicines and their outrageous claims to provide cheap easy cures.

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During each day of the annual Indiana State Fair, the Museum is open 9AM to 9PM. At other times, you may visit during one of our special openings which we announce on our Social Media, and mailing list. We can also host private group tours, subject to the schedule of events at the Fairgrounds (which may limit access) and our staff availability. To learn more, or check our calendar for special openings.

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In just over 100 years, medicines and medical science moved from relatively primitive treatments based primarily on botanicals and historic recipes, to delivering the modern treatments available today. Just as important is the progress made to regulate and discourage charlatans, hucksters, and fraudsters who profit at the expense of a trusting public. Interested in a career in pharmacy? Learn about pharmacy education and opportunities today.

Fun Stuff that Tastes Good

Did you know the soft drink industry emerged from drugstores, and that most major brands of soda we enjoy today were originally intended for medicinal purposes and invented by pharmacists? The Hook’s Soda Fountain has been operating for over 50 years, and serves thousands of ice cream sodas and phosphates each Fair. Nostalgic gums and candies also have an association with drugstores and are an important part of our guest experience.

About the Hook’s Museum

The Museum is designed to create an immersive experience for visitors, as though stepping back into an actual late 19th century drugstore. Many connections to Indiana history are found in our artifacts and displays. The beautiful walnut and ash cabinets in the Main Museum were originally installed in Cambridge City, Indiana. The dark oak “Craftsman Style” cabinets in the gift store section date to 1900 and were the original cabinets in Hook’s first store, in Indianapolis.