Volunteer Opportunities

The Hooks Drug Store Museum and Soda Fountain is always looking for volunteers.  Below is a listing of areas where we could use your help.  If you’re interested in becoming involved in helping to maintain this piece of history, contact us at:

Docent/Tour Guide

Volunteers give tours and answer questions when the Museum is open for business periodically through the year. You don’t have to be an expert in pharmacy or medicines to qualify. If you enjoy learning about history and talking to people, we can teach you everything you need to know!

State Fair Team

Obviously, our busiest time is when the Indiana State Fair is running.  We can always use additional with over 50,000 visitors expected! The State Fair team begins in June with set-up and preparation, and continues through to the conclusion of the Fair in August.

Research and Development of Interpretive Materials

It is just an old bottle, strange tool, or a name in a history book until someone learns the unique story of how this medicine, artifact, or person touched lives, changed history, or otherwise impacted people and the world we live in. Individuals with an interest in history can help to make the museum exhibits more interactive and informative for visitors by researching some of the thousands of artifacts in our collection and documenting the stories told by our tour guides and interpretative signs that make the  Museum “come alive” for our visitors. This is an activity that can be done mostly at home and over the internet if desired.

Collections/Artifacts Maintenance

Care must be given to the careful handling of the museum’s collection to ensure it stays in top condition. Volunteers work under the direction of our Curator periodically throughout the year to set-up and move artifact displays, make small repairs when needed, and generally keep our artifacts and displays looking great. Individuals who like to literally “touch” history find these activities to preserve and protect the artifacts very enjoyable and rewarding!